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South Asians: Let's Talk About Mental Health.
Featuring text from Aiyesha Khalil & Furvah Shah

*Trigger Warning* Mental Health.

For many people who deal with mental health issues, the stigma and lack of understanding from others can often make it much harder to open up and seek help. For some from South Asian backgrounds, this problem is particularly hard. Less awareness, understanding and more judgment towards mental health in such communities often leaves people struggling and suffering in silence. This is why photographer and mental health advocate, Aabidah Shah, is using her voice and art to raise awareness for mental health issues in the South Asian community. 


The 24-year-old from Birmingham, is currently creating a powerful photography project that tells the stories of mental health in the South Asian community, by having open, honest conversations with people who deal with such issues and trying to find out what can be done to challenge the stigma. 


As someone who has dealt with mental health issues for most of her life, this is a project that is particularly close to Aabidah’s heart. “I have experienced the stigma around mental health from the South Asian community first-hand, when it came to dealing with my own mental health. I suffer with a number of issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.”. Through her photography, Aabidah wants to show people that they’re not alone - “I hope this project will raise awareness and provide a powerful message to viewers. I want to encourage change in how our culture deals with mental health.”

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